Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Sam Rami and Toby are out......So what now with Spider 4????

Wow, here, I keep hearing new scripts, changed scripts and now,  Sam and Toby have dropped out of the production.  I guess Sony and  Columbia need to look what just happened to NBC over the tonight show.  "DON"T MESS WITH SOMETHING THAT WORKS!"  
(p.s. just because you have money, doesn't always  mean you are creative.)

otherwise, it's been a pretty interestting, th0ugh busy day. I seem to have gotten  a lot done for others, but failed at what I was hopeing I could achieve.
But had great joy today. A old LJ'er wrote and  said HELLO.  Wow, I thought she was gone and got married or something.

so, its been a good day. Now, John Carpenters Vampires Los Meule  with Jon Bon Jovi.

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