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It was a great day.....It was a sad day, It was Tuesday afternoon....

Sad. I saw my neighbors bury their 83 year old Grand mother. She and her husband were my across the street neighbors. They had their good times, and bad, but I loved them. He passed away 3 years ago. I talked with their grand son, skip. He's a decent sort of fellow and I hope his daughter does move into their house. I can only hope.
Best called and they allowed me to pick out a replacement vcr, up to the cost of the "dog" one I had serviced for the whole year. I picked out JVC's Top of the line, S-VHS HI Resolution VCR. $129.00!!!!! gosh, thats only $150.00 off from what I paid for the other one. They gave me the difference with a BB credit thingie. Now thats neat. Sure beats viewing the new Dragonball Z's. I guess I just like everything up to, and yeah, including the cell saga. I don't know why, I just do.
I'll watch this, but.....
I also got a call from the Motherboard company: my MOBO, tested out OK! HEy, dummy, it's either your ram or CPU. oh for petes sake. My computer has seen more of the USA than I have! Now I get to send the CPU in and they'll replace it. Dont' get me wrong. I'm bitching about all this, just that my $650.00 computer just went back up to $1200.00. It aints worth it folks!
Got my ( keep this quiet) Red Hat Linux 5.1 and book. I'll give this OS a try.

Now All I have to do is wish Otana a Happy trip. I wish I were going their too.

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