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A sad end to a surprizing weekend...

My brother told me early this morning, that our neighbor lady, the one who we liked a lot, had passed away. She wa 93 years old and now she's safe and healthy with her hubby, who passed away 2 years ago. My bro did some yard work around her house ( but she wanted her grandchildren to do the work. ha ha ha. good luck! Her one grand son used to mow her lawn and whenever he did it, he had a look on his face like he hated it!( He once even yelled at my dog, but we had a little face to face about that and it got cleared up real quick).
The other news, I'm not going to be doing the club's web page anymore and after the meeting this past Thursday night, I won't be doing their newsletter either. "I'm free"
This is most due to my motherboard having to take 2 to 2 1/2 weeks to travel from Mi to Ca, then back again and me reloading all my programs. THIS IS THE PITS!
Now, a friend told me that the symptoms sound like a bad CPU, not the board. But my other friend said no, it is the board.
"What say you??"
Best buy called: they can't fix my vcr so I will get another one of like value. ( please, not made by jvc!)
I ordered windows xp's service release 1. I can afford the 9 bucks more than tying up the phone lines for 1 1/2 hours.
Tomorrow, I'll go to best buy, get the thing, more cd-r's so I can really make a back up and visit the funeral home. I hate those places.


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