Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

ah. the feel of fresh air blowing through your hair.

ha. more like arctic whip lashing with ice crystals forming on your eyebrows. winter my butt. don't even get me talking about the idiots who shovel their sidewalks in front of their house, but forget the little matter of walking off the curb.
there. now I feel better. I just got back from walking up to the avenue. ( funny, when we were kids, we always refered to the main street at The Avenue, like it was very prestigious) I opened the door to my favorite barber and wished him and his pardner a Merry Christmas. ( I was going to tell them if they gave me $20 bucks, I wouldn't sing silent night to them, but I didn't. Christmas spirit and all)
Funny, I didn't notice much decorations out this year. The good thing, the churchs seem to be packed. "I wonder if this really is the end of the world and we just don't get it yet?"

I can now plan on what to do with my neighbor: should we go to imax and see Avatar? YES!!!!!
or, watch cop's reruns?

I think I'm going to be sick..........

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