Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

boy, everybody's fighting over something

I've chatted with several friends tonight, and golly, they all have personal troubles going on. I remember families having fun (ok, we fought like cats and dogs too!)
we didn't sing carols, but I used to throw snowballs at a girl named carol.
its late. forgive me.
Tonight, while I was helping my neighbor with her music cd, I looked at the corner of my house and for one second, I imagined a real Christmas tree, with presents under it and tinsel, lights, bulbs, and a Nativity scene under it. I could almost smell the wonderful aroma of a huge urn of coffee perking while mom took us kids to her lodges Christmas party. ah, it was a wonderful time to be a kid.
walk by the huge department stores and see the joyous displays in the windows. it was one of the first street shows ever in America. it was great to be a kid.

New Years Eve was kind of special too. I had seven up, potato chips and Philadelphia cream cheese. yum. then stay up late and watch some of the worse movies ever made. ( I actually watched Plan nine from outer space as if it was a first run on tv) I saw hugh O'Brian in D.O.A..

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