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"It's almost done!" ZERO 3 has arrived.

It's been almost 4 whole years since I put together my 2nd computer. Today, I got the final piece: My workstation is almost complete( Ok, I still have to pay for it) Ok, I lied. I still have to make up my mind on the sound card. I really do not like soundblasted. I don't know why, there's just something about them...
I am so excited. This is my 2nd dream machine. The first, the one I'm writing this one, is a AMD K-6 166MHz w/ 64SDRAM. "WOW" well, it was when I first put it together. I still have to show folks that it is only a AMD K-6 166MHz. They all think it's at least a 400MHz for some reason. It is fast, when it runs Windows 98SE. Ah, but this 2nd dream machine.... Half a gig of SDRAM, dual Plentium processors 450MHz, NT 4.0, a phillips CD-RW but to be replaced with a Phillips DVD burner shortly, and,....QUAKE III Arena! Yes! Now if only I had a proper monitor... maybe Christmas??
But later on that. I have other work to do before I can play with it. First off, this stupid I.E.6 is giving me fits..I think its great, but for some reason it stops me using the X key???
Oh well.
I've got some hardware programing to do, person a labor day coffee stop for 4 hours, record the anime music videos tonight, get ready to tape the adult swim.
So, the question I'm thinking of now is, should I reinstall this "puter" in the living room, or give it away??? I could always connect them together. hmmmm. just a thought.
well, time to fire up the betamax.
tootles and look out, toransukuidski is back???
maybe...maybe not?

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