Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

only 23 days left......

ho ho ho

My heart isn't in it yet. I'm making a stocking list and heading it with a "Mac". Hey, it's my list, istn' it?
I'm about to cozy up tonight and watch the "Cell Saga". you know, goof around for about 19 episodes and then fight for 2 and then, watch the z-fighters practice till the cows come home. You know, haven't they realized that it's the writer who decides all this???

I'm getting ready for the "BIG" storm of 2009. we may get the lake effect engine to turn on and who knows, we may have a dusting of snow by Friday????? but winter is here. I'm glad I got the last of the yard stuff put away last Saturday.

Somebody is right out there. Watching Dragonball Z is like eating potato chips. But, it does bring back some great memories of meeting new friends on the fan lists in usernet. its a shame nobody but spammers seem to use that anymore. not to mention AT&T dropping it as a free service. So what, is everybody Twitting about their favorite shows? Golly, thats got to be expensive.
well, back to picking stuff up for garbage Wednesday.

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