Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Adventures in govermental intereaction

I decided, that if I couldn't get my drivers license, I will need to get a state ID. ( the reason I won't get a drivers license is due to reduction of vertebrate between my head and lumbar region. it would be dangerous for me to drive and get into any accident)
are you ready for this?
My pal drove me up to the State of Secretary's office and I thought I had all my documents in order. Everything was there, except for the social securty card. I had the card detailing my health coverage, but not the actual number. I remembered I was robbed at gun point many years ago while working at a conveinnence store. they took my wallet and pack of smokes: the bums! Well, she told me I would have to go to the social security office IN PERSON. yikes. My pal, who has pateince like a saint, simply drove me over. I didn't even ask. what a guy! We got to the social security place and had to wait about 7 people. I guess thats good, but it sure draged on! Just before they called me, they announced that they, the clerks, would be going to lunch and when they got back, they would be taking appointments. Then they called us.
1.2.3. we can't give you a ssi card with your number on it, since you don't have a picture valid id???? S.N.A.F.U.!
so, they gave me two pieces of paper and off we went back to the Secretary of state office. this is fun!
they accepted all the stuff. I had my photo taken, gad zooks! and now I wait. yeah. remember, this is all so I can get a passport so I can go to asia some time in the very near future. yeah.

then, my pal and I spent the remainder of the afternoon in the outdoors, tying copper wire to 8 foot ground rods. Are we having fun yet????

I'm tired..
nighty night.

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