Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

well, this was certainly a Monday to end all Mondays.

it started like crap: I woke up, once again to a dog barking and then, no aroma of coffee. Hmm. He decided to paint his friends basement, for free. what a nice guy.
actually, he is. it is a Monday after all.
then he took off and I went to make coffee. I was greeted by his bag of dirty laundry. there went my good Monday. I was tempted to place it outside in the driveway. I didn't.

I then sat down and started making my million phone call Monday: call the church hall and see if we can get it for this coming Wednesday night for the BIG DEAL, SPECIAL MEETING. actually, the meeting is so a technician can come and present options on how to deal with the lightening problem. I am supposed to be the technician to handle this stuff. I am! but, nobody seems to want to give me credit or believe anything I say.
I then called the club's V.P. and other assorted individuals and informed them of what had taken place.. oh well.
Then I talked to the actual technician and he was going to try something different. sounded great to me.
I then finished doing the laundry ( his not mine ) and went with the "Artist" to get paper. Gads, I can't believe how expensive artistic paper costs. I then also discovered how quickly one can get a nasty paper cut. ouch. one thing you absolutely do not want to do is bleed in an artist store, especially around paper..
then I got home and decided not to make goulash. tomorrow night is fast enough.
oh well.
busy day.

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