Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Hockey masks aside, it was a pretty nice Friday the far

We had to go to confession. kind of nice. just the priest and me. now thats what I call one-to-one. I even considered entering the religious life, once upon a time. things change. maybe not.
we then went to the grocery store where I had to protect by rear from OLD OLD people on electric carts. Gads, they're dangerous. ( wink wink)
all this for Kitty cat food. ( of course, it was the most expensive thing on the list)
Then, I forgot to get the fresh vegies. What a knuckle head. I got praprika ( not the anime) for when I attemp to make Gulosh soup. yummy.
Had a nice experience with the technician's at the shop: they discovered our duplexiers had indeed, been hit by lightening. ouch. $1598.95. oh well. maybe I won't be the president next year and somebody else can take the responsibility. sure...

We're watching "Event Horizon". What a mess! It could have been a great scifi flick. but the way it is, yuck. is it a horror film? or a ghost story? both? nope. neither.
I may watch "Lost in Translation" later tonight. good movie!

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