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Ah,,,another Hero bites the dust!

911. Yesterday we gave a moments silence for all who have died from the events of one year ago. I really pray, one year from now, we won't be having a moments silence for all who have died in the war!
I'm thinking about removing the Kitty loaf. I ate him. yum!
you can see my icon over there? That is John Entwhilsts first album cover, "Smash your head against the wall". He was the bass player for the "Who". I had elevated him up to "Hero" Status, a icon to imitate. He died from a heart attack a month or so ago. It now turns out, the heart attack had some help in coming. cocaine. "What attracts artists to artificial influences?" Do they "think" they are so un-creative and lame, that they need a boast? here's a guy who played the bass guitar, like most lead guitar, players play lead! He was fast, and had a rhythmic style that would make your feet dance. He was a "old man", with hair turning white, arthritis and, he owed money. ( He also has one of the largest bass guitar collections in the world!). He and Roger Daltry needed to play. So why the drugs? Hell, if they wheeled him out on stage, and had him lean on a walker to play, I'll still go to hear him. ( have you see/hear the Moody Blues lately? Weight watchers are calling them!)
Did they feel they needed to be creative "all" the time?
I do dabbled in creative writing and stuff, and I know, there are days when nothing can stop you and others, when you can't do crap! Thats how it is.
Sorry to be going on like this, but this day, Patriots day? kind of got me started. You see, I remember some other hero's who fought a war in a little country call Viet Nam. When they came home, they weren't any parades, in fact, they were spit on and protested against, as if they had started and kept the war going. But, thats another age, or so it seems....
may all of the rest of your life be happy, fulfilled and war free.

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