Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

a cold Thursday

29 degrees is a tad too cold for me on November  5th! Thats what it is supposed to get down to tonight. it sure is trying hard right now.
Otherwise, some what of a quiet day. my pal zill, who  is always cooking something up, made the chilli that they put on Red Hot hot dogs. boy, he did a great job.  but he also gave me oodles of other nice stuff. stuff I wouldn't have gotten fo rmyself.
Then I went with my dibetic friend, who needed some sugar. what  a complete idiot! he was sluggist till we got our Burger King thursday night meal: small coffee, medium fries and a burgerr king jr. yum.
I got home and here's my pal calling. I asked him about his computer, because if it's fast, he has it. he's one of those on-line gamers. he actually had two computers on line playing the same gave with two other people, at the same time.  He's going to go with Apple or/and A Macintosh. good for him. If i could afford it, so would I.

My friend kelly got some groceries and it is all good stuff.

Tomorrow is the day I close some loose ends. ah.......more later. I have oodles to share with you all. not nice stuff, but whoever said stuff had to always be nice.

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