Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

what a yuckie way to start the week off on!

First off, Kelly got up and made breakfast. thats ok. but the aroma of toast, oat meal and others, just tickled me awake. way too early.
I took a bath, cause I wanted to be squeeky clean when I wrote in this journal ( oh brother) and also did a little load of washing. then, i couldn't put it off any longer. I started writting the 4 obit's for our clubs newsletter.  boy, that was hard. one is awful, but 4! and they were all good friends of mine too. thats what to expect when you live your life. some will go before you. then you really start to feel alone and old. yuck.
I'm waiting for the artist to stop by so we can pick up his artist supplies and I can get some yummy coffee.
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