Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

turning clocks back a whole hour

I wonder what idiot dreamed this day light saving non-sense ( Benjarmin Franklin)  But my electronic stuff was all made before Prez Bush expanded the hours. yuckie.
But on the good side, I've been invited to join the crew of a 43 foot sail boat on her maiden cruise. Might be interesting. On the Lake Michigan and maybe beyond. ( if we get really lost, we could be having tea with Kisa and Cupkate!)
I'm tired and Kelly is upstairs with his pooch. That means I have to kind of watch scooter the cat to be sure they don't get into a fight. cats and dogs you know.

Well, happy November 1st.  oh, i think we had maybe 24 kids for trick and treating tonight. lowest number ever.

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