Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

He's, not him...HIM.. Gojiro..

I'm watching Godzilla 2000. They sure made him look nasty in this one. I also watched the last episode of Boogiepop phantom. That was also a good year for creature features. yeah.
I guess Scooter the cat doesn't like Gojiro's roar. He's hiding on the TV.
but then again, I can't really get into the Saw franchise or the American versions of J-Horror.  ( if you want to see one of the best, see "The Cure".  great flick)
Tonight, I plan on taking a nice hot bath and soak till the cows come home. ( moo)
I thought, and was looking forward, to seeing, and perhaps, even getting a ride in a 1963 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. Some people can find deals without working at it. but, nada. nope. not tonight ( boy, I've that one too many times..sigh.....)
I guess I'm in a frisky mood tonight. not sure  why, but it sure feels good.

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