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Only 3 days left.....Then September. Yeah!

Well, I'm feeling oodles better, but there is something indeed in the air. Just about all of my friends are under the weather. yuck!
I just got off, "WOW". 256megs of ram for $17.00! A whole gig for under $70.00. Then I read the small print. "Not for all systems." Well, not for all systems turns out to be for just 3 or 4 chipsets. But not for Intels 440BX. Oh well. For a whole whopping 15minutes, I dreamed that I had a machine with 1 gig of ram! Every red blooded boys dream??????
I just saw the beginnings of the old movie, "Them". Now, I'm taping this rascal and for some stupid reason, somebody at the studio decided to color the letters THEM in red!!!!! And this is a black and white movie.
sigh, is nothing sacred??
So, now I wait for my computer buyer to call me, who is almost always unreliable. But, he's busy also, and being independent does have it's bad side. notice how I'm making up excuses for him? He's my friend. Thats what friends are all about.
ok, I'm out of here.
Oh, I discovered another secret level in quake II.
what a kick.
nighty, and have great day at school.
Professor Ricky

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