Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

ah......the blistery winds of an artic front....

damn, the wind sure did howl last night. its only 50 degrees outside now, but man it sure feels cold.  I went to my friends funeral yesterday. I almost lost it several times, especially when I thought of him and his wife playing with 4 week old kittens they took in.  life seems to be cruel some times. I really worry about her, since her whole life was mated with her husband.  they were like two mittens or gloves, they fit in so well together.
I'm getting old. its a crime when you see your friends die and  you start to feel really alone.  I can make new friends, but they didn't go to grade school with me, or share their first dating experience. ah.....

"Should I grow old gracefully, or go out kicking by smoking, loving and doing other things that are immoral, illegal and fattening???"

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