Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

a soggy saturday and Michigan State whump U of M.

grocery shopping with a heart patient. wow. ever see one of those electric carts? well, my pal uses one and he always follows me about 5 inches back. So, if I stop....I have an electric cart up my butt.  But we did manage to get part of our shopping done. I spent $80.00 and didn't get really alot. The cat made out swell.
Now, I'm watching "Hell Girl". Sounds a lot like Witch Hunter Robin.
today, my other pal kelly came over and  brough me a pot of home made stew. yum.
I've got a new source for music: Megahertze on PBS. Really great  new music. I've been listening to Gary Go's  Wonderful and Dream haus5's I remember. Great new stuff.

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