Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

October first The feast of pumpkins month

Wow, it dropped to 34 degrees last night. Now thats cold, when you think back to last week at this time when it dropped down to only 60.
I guess fall is fast upon us.
I did a good deed yesterday. I vacumed up the leaves from the lawn and put them in the yard waste container. yippee.  I also had a over night guest last night. Mellon the lab dog and kelly, the person. He had a bunch of hospital things to do yesterday and didn't want to take the bow wow with him. So I had company watch Dragonball Z's 2nd season. The hunt for Dragonballs on planet Nemek.
 It was great to watch DBZ again. kind of grows on you. I remember the good old days when we'd meet on the USENET (SP?) and just have a flock of people talking about DBZ. Same holds frue for Gundam. But I guess I must have missed Sailor Moon. I missed them.

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