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Nothing happens alone, there aways in pairs.....

Well, I should have known
When I got out of bed today, something wasn't right. I felt my blood pressure drop quickly, and this just after I took my blood pressure medicine! My arthritis was changing big time. My back ached, I felt like if I got out of the chair, I would pass out ( I didn't, just felt that way- really scary)
Then my 4 times a week visitor,( for the last 4 years or so) stopped by and I thought a good Vanilla Coke would perk me up, as well as buy some blank tapes so I could record "The Lord of the Rings" this afternoon. $23 bucks, 2 bottles of vanilla coke, which by the way, is just ever so slightly tangier than Faygo's Cream soda, and 10 vhs tapes.
skip to late evening, when I view what I've just spent 2 hours, and 58 minutes recording, only to find out that the stupid, $279.00 JVC S-VHS is broke again. "I'm mad as hell". This is like the 4th or 5th time this has happened and Best Buy is supposed to trade it for a performing vcr. yeah, right.
oh well.
tomorrow, as if I do not have anything else to do this weekend, I'll manage to get the piece of junk over to them and argue.
On the good to great side, I figuared out how to really make FrontPage work and work well. "Wow". what a program. Now I'm off to find out how to add graphics without the stupid box command. later.

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