Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

well, that didn't go so great, did it

Seawasp put that meme up and I borrowed it ( ok ok, I stole the blasted thing)
It looked like a fun thing to do. It is.
Right now, we're having a good old fashioned thunderstorm, complete with thunder, lightening.  kind of cool, but perhaps not 3 days before our first frost. ?????
Scooter the cat is being very affectionate tonight. I don't know if its the storm, or my magnetic personality????
For a  change of pace, I'm watching Boogiepop phantom. I remember when I first saw this series, it was on the old anime unleashed show on ZTV channel. boy, those were the days. they showed stuff cartoon network would never let see the light of day. Lain, Dual, Crest of the stars,  Banner of the stars, and so many others. but thats all gone now.

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