Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

First day of Fall.. so why is it so darn hot and humid???

72 degees and 85 % humidity. yuck. I want this back in June and July. Not at the tail end of September.
So, spent the day cleaning and throwing away junk. talk about your basic pack rat. this is ridiculous. I kept Christmas cards from my old sweetie. like, 13 years ago.
Tomorrow I plan on doing about the same, except, I have to make one phone call.
I hope this madness is over with. I have things I really need to take care of.

Tomorrow, September 23th, is my brothers birthday. Funny, when he was alive, I couldn't remember that date to save my life. Now, I don't even have to look. Maybe I'll get over to where he's buried and have a little chat. He must be seeing things I can't even imagine.
sigh. life and death.

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