Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

I got a lot done in a short period of time and only pissed off one friend!

Wow, am I good or what? My pal stopped by and he wanted me to pump $60.00 worth of gas for him. ok. But I told him my other friend was coming over to get some money from me: he's broke and his kitten is sick, sounds like a hot spot on his back. I told him I'd give him $60.00 towards the Vet. I'm broke too. he never showed. boo hiss.
my other friend, not only wanted me to go and pump gas, but go with to get graphic arts paper. There goes 2 hours easy. He just lost his left leg and it takes him a long,long time to get anywhere. I'm glad to help him, but please, just don't dump on me like that and expect me to drop everything.
I just had a blow up with another friend last Thursday. I called her and she starts by negating absolutely everything I say. I mentioned my coffee maker was junk and she came back and said it must be me. nobody has problems with coffee makers these days.
That was the straw that broke my back. I called to see how her daughter is doing as she is being treating for cancer. I can't even ask that due to all the negative statements her mom is making to me. I told her thats all I can take. I'm tired of being shit on all the time. I'm not here to be dumped on.
and do you know what she did?
she said "You didn't even ask how my daughter was doing?"

wow. some people.
I'm sure this wound will heal, but I shall not go back to being a dumping post for her or anybody else.
well, wasn't that special.
Tomorrow, help my school teacher friend spread wood chips.
Calgon, take me away....

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