Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

See the picture to the left? yeah, that one. of the oh so cute cat....

I have been throwing away stuff and junk for the last 3 weeks. My brother's stuff and oodles of my stuff. Tonight, I went to grab a bunch of VHS tapes I had recorded oodles of movies on, and lo and behold. That cute little kitty, pissed on about 100 of them! Just touching them gets the urine to flow!
I threw them out, all of them. I had my three stoodges partial collection, Abraham Lincon and some other stuff. they're all gone.
I then tried to wash the crap out. bad idea. I think it formed choride gas. smelled strongly of a chorinated swimming pool. Except, its my house.

Besides that, I got my neighbor lady a Keith Urban CD, the one with the song, "Kiss the Girls". Thats her favorite. I'm not even her boyfriend, just really great friends and her boyfriend didn't get her anything!!!
Maybe I shold go out and date again???? "What, and get all those cooties!!!!!"
ok, back to resting. it's been a long, hot and humid day. a nice quiet rain is gently falling outside now.
nighty night.

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