Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Busy, but Happy Friday

just got back from the grocery store to get a refund for two applicance tags. I have started the process of cleaning the house of my brother's stuff and fixing things up to live here by myself. ( even if several neighbor ladies have other ideas...)
I pushed the huge Air conditioner through the window and then flipped it, end over end, till I got it to the curb. I left it alone for just a few minutes to get the tag and when I came out, it was gone! Wow. I knew people were picking up junk, but this fast!
Between last week and this week, I threw out 15 bags of junk. I'm going to start shreading some really old documents and then that should give me more room. good thing I have a before and almost after picture of what I'm doing. I just haven't decided on indoor plants yet. "Will Scooter the cat" eat them????
There's another delightful element that has been added to this old neighborhood. over the last 10 years, most of my neighbors have either passed away, or lost their house. I really don't know anybody anymore. and there doesn't seem to be any families in the area. Till now. My days are filled with the giggling non-sense of children playing and making the best that they can of a stressful situation. I believe most of these kids are from renting families. ( we have a lot of people who bought these old houses and then tried to use them as rental properties. ha ha ha.
But, it is nice once again to hear the old neighborhood with laughter.

while saying this, i just heard that somebody tried to hang themselves not far from here.
ah...what a world.
Money is only a tool. Period.

Friday night. I'm either going to watch "Cowboy Bebop" or" Dragonball Z, season one"
Hope you all have terrific weekend. be safe.

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