Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

I'm happy with the results...

no, not that! I finally, after years of procrastinating, shredded all of my old bills and anything that had my account # on it. I started on Thursday night at 8PM and finally put the last bill through at 5PM today, Friday, August 7th. wow. One whole garbage bag full of confetti.
Next, clean up the living room and decide what/who is going to go upstairs.
oh, we're having a nasty storm come through this way about 4AM Saturday.
we need the rain.
what an eventful week. many firsts. The first Latino nominated to the supreme court, the GOP attemps to flex its lame muscle by orchestrating mis-guilded protests at town hall meetings.
I'm tired. would one of you either turn the lights off or/and tuck my cat in? Yes, he loves the blankets too.

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