Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

The first of august, and I'm still no closer to finding my computer.

what a lot of crap out there! and I can't believe all the refurblished stuff out there. Wow. whatever happened to quality?
I'm going to think twice, and even three times the next time I even think about buying components for a pc.

but I must. I can't waste all those college courses and walking the dog and petting the cat and ect ect.

What a weird weather pattern we're ALL having.
I put the sprinkler on again just to keep the grass looking green.

and talk about weird.. I actually had a dream with Rush Limbuah in it. ahhhhhhhhhhh.
does this mean I'm to start voting republican????
has science developed a cure for this????? a pill? a back rub???
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