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I'm sitting on my front porch, just relaxing, and watching the birds and squirrels play and sing. This year, for the first time in over 12 years, we have kids that play and scream and make all kinds of racket. Yeah... What would summer be without the noise of kids who are on summer vacation. the sad part is I don't know how long they may be here. Some are just living between houses and jobs. That must be hell for a kid to grow up in this mess. We're sure going to have a different group of people running the world within 14 years or so.

I just found out that my neighborhood store has been sold to a Pakistani (sp?) family. I wish them all the luck in the world and I will go out of my way to purchase from them. even though it is a liquor store. I don't drink. ( what fun is it to become an adult if you don't drink?)

I think I'll watch "Babel" tonight. I like that film a lot.
I'm also on a vampire kick, for some reason. I got John Carpenters' vampire les nostor. My memory isn't that great with these names, except it stars Jon Bon Jovi.

Last night, I sat on my porch and watched a rabbit walk across my neighbors drive way. Life seems to be coming back here. yeah. Now all we need is a bunch of duncan yo yos and a ice cream truck going by and summer will really be here. so i say.

ah. busy week. I have an idiot friend who thinks I am going to print him out 250 business cards. the only thing is, it would cost me around $129.00. I ran out of ink about 3 months ago. the card stock seems to worth its weight in gold now days. from $7.95 per 100 to $25.00 per 100.
nuts to him I say.

I have a data entry session to do this week, hold a executive board meeting. Our club's repeater got hit by lightening. ouch. we lost about $1800.00 worth of gear. some could be repaired, but some is toast. live and learn.
I also said I would edge my neighbor lady's drive way. ( some guys try to win over a gal with roses, me, edging the driveway usually works. here's a hint for all you guys looking to date that gal)

Well, I finally got my digital converter up and running. ok. I suppose if I had a HD TV it would be different. Oh by the way. Lord of the Rings, in Blue Ray,will be released some time in the next year or so. I guess Peter Jackson is thinking about waiting till "The Hobbit" is done and put them all in one package. BoyHowdy. that would be one show worth watching in HD.

I guess I'll end this for now and go and enjoy the beautiful summer evening.

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