Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

wow, rain, cold, snow, sun, 80 degrees....more rain, ...49 degreess

is this spring, or early fall? sure, I've mowed the lawn 3 times so far, but I still haven't raked all of the winter debri up yet.

sign of the times. I went to a friends son-in-laws business yesterday. A repo lot. my goodness! I was speechless at all the items I saw. If a bank will give a loan to buy it, they can also repo it. and boy, did they ever.

it was sad also. a lot of this stuff hasn't moved in a long time.

Right now, It's raining and getting cold. I get tired when this happens.

I guess I'll finish up watching "WXIII" and then either watch "The Eye" or "The CUre".

Happy Saturday.

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