Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Scooter the cat goes to the vet

Scooter has been throwing up and not feeling well since 1AM Sunday. I thought it was nothing more than a hair ball. They can be really scary for the cat. and me too.
So when I saw the poor kitty kat eating, then throwing up, I thought maybe this wasn't the way it was supposed to be. I called the vet. She told me what to look for and we'd wait a day.
Last night was the last straw. he felt so darn weak and talked to me in a weak, squeaky cat meow. I called the vet and made an appointment for this afternoon. My friend was willing to drive me, no small task since the vet is located about 10 miles or so from where we live. I also had to cancel an appointment with a barrister, which is ok with me since I really don't like lawyers that much.
all set, now how to get scooter into the carry box. I opened it up and he walked in. Now you can't ask for anything simpler than that.

Scooter proved to be a hand full. Took 3 of us at one time just to take his temperature. Right. just stick this digital device into his rear. yeah. right. and I'm a monogolian jet pilot. No temperature. yeah.
so then the vet decided with my agreement, to anesthetize poor scooter so they can check him out.
one hour later.
he had ear mites. several of his toe nails had actually grown down and inside his little paw.
She cliped his sharp nails. But, after an extensive blood test, disscovered that he might have parasites. but nothing else was indicated.
He had an tar on his teeth, but that could wait till later.
So, poor scooter got a shot of anti-biotics, a fluid thing to help prevent dehydration, a through-al eye exam and a host of other drugs.


I don't regret one cent. He is now sleeping up stairs. I expect to hear his little paw pats later this evening when he wants to be held.

expensive day. but here's hoping this will do the trick.
oh, there was no way to tell if this was a hair ball thing or not.
except, I changed his litter box today: he used it! He's passing things. yeah.

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