Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Yeah....Snow, wind, rain and temps dropping. yeah..

I love eternal winter. it kind of grows on you, like  a wart. and my arthritis is going ballistic. wow. I didn't know it could hurt and affect quite so much.
Wow, went grocery shopping today. I can't believe how much food has went up. can's of vegies that used to be around $0.34 each, are now, $0.89.  You can see where the new sticker covers the old one.
and to add insult to injury, they charged me for two cans of coffee, while I only got one. sigh....oh well.
I was holding a sleeping scooter cat tonight, when he jumped up and meowed very loudly. Either he was pinched somehow, or he had a kitty bad dream. I think the later. But scooter is ok. and he got back up on my lap. so everything seems ok.

I got my three DVD's today. Edmund O'Brian's "D.O.A.",  Total Recall and Keanu's Johnny Memmoric. Should be interesting.

I'm hearing only good things about "Watchmen".  I might actually go see it.
off to shovel snow??

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