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"Yeah" Now I can trade.

Trading Cards
Paid Account Edition
User Number: 313802
Date Created:2001-08-14
Number of Posts: 152

Ancientone loves anime, no matter what the story line. He also loves Samoyed dogs and provides a "Forever Home" for the rescue poochs.
Strengths: He doesn't like to see anything hurt and believes in how special everything is.
Weaknesses: Takes anger inside and cushions it with "FOOD". Did I say I also eat too much?
Special Skills: Problem solving, empathic ability, Loves to learn and test himself.
Weapons: Love, Kindness, gentleness and a big, warm hug or snuggles. Oh, also to respect others.
Things I do not like.: Drugs, using people, greed, hate and anything that diminishes a persons being.

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