Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

ah....a typical Friday night?

I can't believe I'm just entering into my blog. I've been on the phone since 8pm. its now 11:10PM. my ear is asleep.
wow.   and now, my big toe is paining. ouch.
but at least the weather is going to  be warmer. yeahs..  tomorrow Mass at 5PM. I always love going to Mass. especially with the nice old neighbors.
My friend Fred called. He wants to convert all of our albums onto Cd's. fine. I think thats an excellent idea. but it is time intensive. if an album is half an hour long, thats how long it will take to record it. but it will be great to have our collections in a simpler form and one that should age well. more later.

now a nice hot bath and a little tv.

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