Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

The last few minutes of January 31th.

I wish the end of January could mean the end to 1.snow, 2. cold and bills. dream all I like. winter is just half over. bills never stop.

I am not going to watch the super bowl. I hope the cardinals win, but also pit.  whats a boy to do/???  no, not that!

I got a call this afternoon from Kelly's brother Marc: he was just tickled pink that he could get on the internet. I gave him one of my old computers I got from the hospital and also a "little" software. It was great to hear  that. Now I have to think about how to protect him from on-line virus's. good luck.
I think I can see a Mac in my near future.....

Goodbye January...

Hello February.

so, how many of you want chocolates for valentines day??

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