Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

A quiet, eventful day.

I woke up and was greeted by my pal Kelly. I gave him a used desktop pc for his brother. It was a used pc, but it worked. Well, his monitor died. yeah. I've got two of them, but not tried. So I gave him Godzilla jr. a huge 17 inch monitor. but, he also found out that he should be using Windows XP home instead of Windows 98Se. well, ok. The windows 98SE was $35.00. I gave him my $125.00 copy of XP. He better love the internet!
I then spent the rest of the day re-installing everything on my stupid notebook. Karl's daughter used it for so long, the thermal sensor shut it down. but not before it destroyed some data. I couldn't even start XP again. oh well. nothing like restalling it all over again.

I'm on it now and if this piece of junk goes again, I swear I'll make it a bird feeder.

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