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Yuck...I hate not feeling well...
What a way to wake up. Tummy burning and my face feeling like it's on fire. It wasn't, it's just that stupid AS I have. Inflammation of the arteries or some such thing.
Again, my favorite pal woke me up. "What, did I have the only responsible parents on the face of this planet?" This is just plain rude and I guess I'll have to stop it the ugly way. Lock my doors. I hate that. It's sort of like being in jail, in reverse. yuck.
My "puter" still sits by the closet door: my buyer didn't! He said he would tomorrow. Best Buy had a hard drive for sale today for $59.00, a 20 giger. Well, I paid $269.00 for that same hard drive 3 years ago! " I want a refund or something...."
Eventful week ahead. Newsletter deadline this week. A new and vastly improved web page or 2.....or hey, I might actually rebuild my very own homely page.
well, enough. time to sleepy bye.
tootles and cheers,.

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