Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

A quiet, sad day.

this was one of those days when one goes over what he has accomplished, and what he hasn't. Now normally, this would cause me to think of how things might have been. but, it just got me to feel sad. I've left a lot of friends behind. Most, their doing. gosh knows I've tried to keep up, but that requires both people to communicate, not just one.
I thought maybe if I called and talked with two of my friends, that might help ease the stupid stress. it didn't. One, was taking a nap and was getting ready for a massage. the other is bored out of his mind because he's retired and basically, bored.

I'm not really bored, but feeling sad. I miss my brother. He had a greater impact on my life than I was willing to admit. He introduced me to new books, music ( some time, just for the heck of it, I'll post a list of the great stuff he introduced me to), and of course,his friends, who are now my friends. It is so dam quiet in this house. I have a choice, put rush limpballs on, or blue lake classical. I do love that station, but not 24/7.

I guess I'm depressed. oh no........
to be continued

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