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My friend is going to have one of his knees replaced....ouch!

I can not imagine what that must be like. My ex girlfriend had both of her knee's replaced: it didn't stop her from doing anything!. I mowed my next door neighbor's lawn, cause it was her 75th birthday. I should live to be that young. My neighbor across the street had her 42nd birthday today. You guessed it. I'll her lawn later today. Gee, do you think I'm trying to make brownie points with these folks?? "You bet".
I started to copy my music CD's onto my computer. I have put off doing that till I made up my mind whether I should use Microsoft's media player 7 or something else. "What something else?"
I just listened to Ringo Starr performing " It don't come easy" with his "All Star Band". Yuck! I listened for the bridge that George Harrison played so well, and it wasn't there. sigh.....I miss him.
I'm now on High blood pressure medicine. Yuckie. boogers. "Am I getting old or what?" ( keep quiet President Jim!)
Gosh, how I wish I were going back to school. oh well.

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