Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

Harry Potter, the third year..

I think this movie lost some of it's charm. the first HP was so adventurous, but the third year didn't do it for me. Hey, I only saw it once. give me and the film a chance.

I thought I'd get 2009 off on the right foot, so I walked up to the bank to do my bill paying. the temp was 27 and dropping. the wind chill hovered around 19 so all in all, I froze my ass off. Got home, hands and fingers were numb, toes and feet were cold as ice. Yeah man. I love this form of exercising. it won't be long now, huh....

I just had a shock of my life. I went to order Lord of the Rings, extended edition only to find out, it has been discontinued. Both as individual DVD's and the complete set. What gives?

Oh well. otherwise, things went pretty good today. Went grocery shopping and only forgot 50% of what I needed. I did good, huh.

well, back to hunting for LOTR.

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