Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

A surprising Sunday.....

I didn't sleep very good. We had gusts of wind that would knock your socks off. It did in fact clean my back porch off of yard waste containers and a huge black kettle ( you know, the one that calls the pot black?) and very branches were scattered around the yard.
But it was the annoying phone call at 11:34 AM on a Sunday morning that cranked my arm. Serge called to say his wife and daughter were stopping here on their way back to the U. of MI. My tiny dancer changed her major work from dancing to becoming a lawyer. Go figure. Mom is enjoying her new presidency at the U. of MN. I'm surrounded by learned folks! They brought me my combination Birthday and Christmas stuff. and how! WOw. When I can't afford to get friends stuff, they go all out on me!
Mom got me a whole pound of Starbucks Raspberry coffee. I can't wait to try it.
Now it's my turn. I already called and sang happy Birthday to Kelly. He turned 40 today. He is very sad. My brother and he would spend the holiday season visiting other friends. Now, he is lost without my bro.
as I am too.

I'm listening to "Hearts of Space". A Slow music for fast times, broadcast from S.F.. We get it on our local PBS station affiliate, WGVU. My alma Mater.
I just spent about a whole hour holding scooter the cat on my chest. He was laying against me and sleeping. A feral cat too.
I had a wonderful great last night. I got Classicmedia's Rodan and War of the garanuas DVD. On the Dvd there is a featurette called making Godzilla down to size. I got to see the first and middle and last suit actor who filled the Godzilla suit and also many of the current actors that are in the movies. It was a real kick to see how they made movie magic. All before I.L.M. too.

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