Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Send! that is all!"

burrrrrr. its 16' degrees outside and that stupid 40 mph wind is howling on the side of the house. Scooter the cat is cold and so am I. I just watched Godzilla Tokyo SOS and that didn't even keep me warm. Though I did have fun watching Godzilla stomp around, this was a different type of Godzilla. He was the one who was done wrong. ( is that possible?)
Well, anyway, I downloaded some 1920 music stuff from youtube and made a holiday cd for my 88 year old friend. I think she'll get a kick out of it. Me and the cat have just been trying to stay warm today. So what happened? My heart patient friend called and I offered to give him one of my portable telephones. We are having blizzard conditions with white outs! So he drove over and went up my drive way! Now there was a miracle in itself! I hadn't shoveled my driveway due to all the heavy ice and snow. but he went right over it. Wow, I'm impressed.
time to make out some cards. Just got the stamps yesterday.

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