Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"wow, wasn't ready for that.........8 inches of snow and wow...."

I woke up today, and was greeted by a white out! I couldn't tell my neighbor's house from, anything!
I attempted to shovel snow, but no way. Where would I put it? I did manage to carve a path for the mailman and my two neighbors path to the sidewalk. but that was about it.

thats why I'm late. I had to soak a long, long time to get the aches and stiffness out of my poor body. its a bitch when you get old. of course, being a beautiful, hansome, cute dude kind of makes up for it.
I also picked out my birthday present: the latest version of Rodan. I can't wait to see the Japanese version of Rodan. come on mr. mailman.

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