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Another whole week of life just passed by.....

As people get ready for another school year to begin, I also am starting to study: FrontPage 2002. Yahoo! Sure, you bet. I have absolutely nothing better to do with my time or $150.00 than to learn how to create and publish with FP2k2. again, Yahoo.
Maybe I'll actually get good on it, now that would be learning something. So far, I've found out that 1. The book was wrong on an important procedure. 2. the help file system built into FP2k2 was wrong 3. I'm glad I'm inquisitive and willing to take a chance.I found out how to do it myself, which is ok, but what about all the folks who are not so trusting of themselves?
I really hate that about the computer industry: they expect people to trust them, when in fact, they don't know how to teach the theory themselves.
enough. I uploaded chuluch(?) 3 for one of my new icons. I've had it for about a zillion years and just sent it up tonight. I must be getting old.
ok. time to snuggle with my samoyed. woof!

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