Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

The Tribune and Beverly Garland...

What a way to start a Monday. First, I have to get Kitty Kat food. ( and litter) Of course, a nice container of coffee is essential.
Then I heard that The Chicago Tribune filed bankruptcy. yuck.
Then Beverly Garland passed away. She played the mom on My Three Sons, but her fame was playing in Roger Corman's flicks. "Not of this Earth" "Swamp Women".

But, we also found out that we're in for quite a winter. freezing rain tonight and then changing over to snow. and it will keep on snowing till the cows come home, if indeed the cows decide to come home.
I'm watching "The Crawling Eye'. Wow, I can believe why I only saw this dog after midnight.
but its fun.

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