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I did good today.....I think?

Well, good gosh. I woke up today, fresh as a lilly ( yuskie smelling) and decided to mow both our lawns and my school marme across the street. Little did I know my brother would almost pull his arm out of his socket trying to get that big, bad,ass 3.5 Horse power mower runing. So, we got the mower across the street and zip, this little 0.3 horse power mower started right up.....after 8 tries. I just love days like this. Well, we mowed ours and then attempted to mow across the streets. Her lawn looked like hay. If somebody would drop a lit match on it, it would flash.But we got it done. I took the hose and washed down the front steps and sidewalk. Am I a good boy or what! Got done and then found out it is her birthday this coming Saturday( we really didn't know) and her parents arrived and told her how well kept up her lawn was.
Ahhhhhh. Now I'm counting my loot. Lets see, I used up about 1/2 gallon of gas. I had 2 cokes ( no vanilla except in 2 litter bottles over here) and 3 cups of coffee. I took a bath and figured out I lost about $8.00 bucks. Yeah. Free enterprise and all. What a concept!
So tonight, I started on my tutorial on " FrontPage 2002". I had to buy that yesterday, and golly, I could sure use $150.00 elsewhere. But, life is like that.
Sad news....AFD lost both Lurker and Otana. I have to admit it has been getting a little out of control over there. It seems somebody downloaded the entire binary! onto AFD.
that was fun wading through that mess.
Maybe a really good nights rest......

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