Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

we must, we must, increase our snow piles...

Wow, somebody, I won't mention names at this time, added snow All over the place. I thought I would go out and be a good-doo-bee. ha ha ha. But, I felt good shoveling my neighbors out.
I didn't manage to get my groceries today. My pal had a terrible day hauling kids to recitals and buying Christmas trees and then, breaking his snow blower. How so very sad. Here I am, shoveling the cold, fluffy stuff with an aerodynamically constructed snow shovel ( all that really means is it has a plastic shovel on it) and a little muscle.
I came inside and for first time in my life, I actually ordered a 18 inch piazza with chicken stripes. yum. Sad. Being older, I find I can't eat the whole thing. oh the horror....if any of you wish to have some, I'll gladly share. just let me know and I'll e-mail you some. ( gads, I don't know what kind of mess it's going to make on the keyboard, but its a small price to pay)

I'm going to watch Pan's Labyrinth a little later. Right now, a film to watch while eating piassa, " Mamoru's Avalon". I can't believe how many oshii films I own. I do love his work.
perhaps if I'm a "good" boy, Santa will bring me Blood +, maybe the whole series?????

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