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Well, that week certainly sucked!!!!

This is not normal for me, so please have patients with me. This past week started off terrible. On Monday, I thought I was helping my neighbor out, by vacuuming her lawn with her mower( she's never thought of doing that). Everything was fine till I reached in the garage to get more gas. Some idiot carpenter put a shelve on the side and left nails pointing straight down. I bent down and when I straightened up, the nail hit my head full force. Ouch. It bled. I was so pissed off! I looked around her garage and there must have been over a dozen other nails pointed straight down.
Tuesday I woke up and discovered blood on my pillow. Not a lot,just a spot. You never know. So, I went to the med-station and waited for about 1 hour. Got to see a real doctor. Now that was a first! He said it was an abrasion and didn't need stitches. Yeah. About this time, I noticed my spine muscles tightening up as if I were going to get the mother of all muscle spasms. Guess what? Yeah. i did. for the next 48 hours, I couldn't walk good and actually slept on my bed by sitting on it: I couldn't bend. yippie skippie! I thought I could atleast get comfortable enough, to watch some anime when low and behold, my stupid, really overpriced vcr ( the 279 jvc) decided to break down again. ( this is a monthly event, so it isn't worthly to bitch about). I packed it up and had BEST BUY's techie tell me 1. it is a bad tape???? 2. no, the tape is good, just don't turn on the digital calibration 3. there, its fixed.
ok. bet.
Got it home, back hurting from riding in a truck, and presto, the first tape, it ruined.
ok, enough, about the week that was.
I'll be nice with my official saturday quiz or something that I've been promising.
yuck. I just want to go to bed and forget this happened.

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