Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"so, tomorrow is moving day for LJ"

I've been trying to keep posting once a day, just to develop a good habit.
(If Steven King can write 5000 words every day, except New Years and his birthday)

Today was strange to say the least. I thought I would rake the remaining leaves up and clear out the backyard. Ha ha.
I spent a good amount of time just talking on the stupid phone. Serge just got an 11 week old rothwilder pup. Bob had to have his new artificial leg redesigned: they underestimated his weight by 180 lbs! My neighbor called to tell me she has flea. oh the shame. Then I found out she meant the cat!
and then more phone ringies....there went the afternoon.

I then tried to discover how bad "Antivirus 2009" is. pretty bad, but it can be removed.

oh, did I mentioned it is snowing out? its flaky here, but heavy towards the lake. Now the invites come for Turkey day. hmmmmm. My family now is Scooter the cat, the squirrel family in the backyard tree, the turtle family. We may just stay here and watch the Detroit Lions beat the feathers out of whoever.

Here's to a successful move tomorrow lj.

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