Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Ah...a quiet Sunday, snoozing in with the cat...till he licks my nose!'

what a way to wake up. Cold, breezy, but with a low wind chill. did I mention snow?
I made coffee and then got my e-mail. I also checked out a site and presto, here came Windows anti virus 2009. A malware program thats a s.o.b. to get rid of. and it likes to destroy windows files. I took photos of it for resource data and sent a heads up where I found the nasty. One of them believed me, and the other was bound and determined that it was on my computer. oh well. But, the host site managed to write it off and now all is ok.
I watched the rest of the new anime series I got. Fan service is nice, once and while. but not almost every frame. its a good story but please take it easy with the fan service.

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