Ancientone... (ancientone) wrote,

"Veteran's Day..."

Snowy, cold and now, its raining. I can't make it to the parade they're having down town, so I thought I'd watch a couple appropriate DVD's. "Grave of the fireflies" and if there is enough time, "Saving Private Ryan". I don't have a lot of films dealing with war and its aftermath.
I saw something today that was curious. THe grocery store's parking lot was only 1/4 full! Usually, you can't find a place to park. Today we had our choice. Even the road traffic was less than it was normally. Maybe it's just strange goings on. I hope so.

I found a dvd deal too. "Ed Wood's collection" $7.45. three of his greatest movies. Bride of the monster, glen glenda and of course, plan nine from outer space. I can't contain my excitement. ( this is almost like going on my first date) without the kisses of course.
well, must get ready for the BIG club meeting tomorrow.

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